Atomic Fleet

Fleet Management Manager Solution

Are you struggling to calculate the true cost of your fleet?
Need to find a way to monitor, control and reduce fleet expenses?

Our cost-effective solution was designed from the ground up to support small to enterprise level customers. Our solution can be used to consolidate fuel expenditure, track deviants (Theft) and help you get a complete “Bird’s eye view” of your fleet expenses.

Our modern fleet management solution simplifies the collection, analysis, and reporting of fuel data, recurring and ad hoc expenses. It also helps to streamline your day-to-day operations and increases the overall efficiency of you manage your fleet.

No need for complicated data capturing any longer.


Optimally capture and manage monthly Fuel spend.
Manage Staff Drivers and PDP Licences + Work Permits
Manage Vehicle Licence Expiry dates.
Manage Vehicle Service Intervals.
Allocate Vehicle cost against Projects, Customers and Drivers.
Easily Identify discrepancies (Diesel Theft) and override if necessary.
Intelligent reporting – eg: Like for Like comparison, visually identify trends.
Completely Customisable and custom integrations welcomed.
Notifications for fuel spend discrepancies.
Capture all vehicle expenses in one place to understand the total cost of ownership for your fleet. Eg fuel, tyre, License and maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

30 day Money Back Guarantee!

Access to data 24/7, Anywhere

Hosted and backed up in world class Datacentre

Dedicated and experienced support staff

Simplified Pricing With No Contracts




Track Vehicle Expenses

Track Fuel Expenses

Advanced Reporting

Manage Service Intervals

Manage Driver and Vehicle Licences

Fuel discrepancy Notifications

Vehicles are loaded for free!



Per Vehicle and Includes VAT

No Contracts
Free setup


Logistics and Fleet Management

Manage Deliveries Effectively

Compare Fleet Income vs Expenses

Allow clients to see their Deliveries

Driver Manage Screen

Android Mobile App

Audit Trail

Advanced Reporting

Vehicles are loaded for free!



Per Vehicle and Includes VAT

No Contracts
Free setup


Additional Options

30Day Money Back Guarantee.
Need help to Capture general/Fuel expenses and provide reporting on a monthly basis?
Customisation/integration into your Business system.

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Can the system be customised to fit our needs?

Yes, the system is very modular and can easily be customised.

Is there a Free Option?

We are so confident in our product and after-sales service that we offer a 30 Day Money back Guarantee. Contact us Today.

Do I need special software on my PC?

No, our solution is web based and can be accessed from any active internet connection.

Do We offer a data capturing service?

Yes, Contact us for more information.

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