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Multiple Transporter Management

Our Multiple Transporter Management System offers Customers and Fleet Managers real-time insight into deliveries made by Logistics and Transport companies.


Company Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management System allows Fleet Managers to increase visibility over fleet operations, improving efficiency and staying compliant with government and industry regulations.


Logistics / Transporter Management

Our Logistics/Transporter Management System is a logistics platform that makes use of superior technological know-how to assist Fleet Managers to plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of their vehicles.

There is no need for complicated data capturing, any longer! Our Solution lets you calculate your fleet’s true cost, saving you time and money.

Get genuine insights into your fleet’s performance, with real-time tracking and statistical reporting to optimally streamline your day-to-day fleet operations.


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Atomic Fleet’s core values, particularly dedication, determination, and accountability are the guiding principles of our company, and dictates our daily endeavours to not only manage a versatile and very effective system but also manage our client relationships with respect and personal care.

  • Exclusive Knowledge of Transport Management
  • 100% Safe & Secure Online System
  • Optimized Fleet Management Service
  • Real-time Tracking Integration
  • Insights into Fleet Performance
  • Accurate & Statistically Generated Reporting

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    Fleet Management

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    • Day-to-Day
      Fleet Operations
    • Inspections
    • Track Vehicle Expenses
    • Track Fuel Expenses
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Manage Service Intervals
    • Manage Driver and Vehicle Licences
    • Fuel discrepancy Notifications
    • Permit/Site Access Control
    • Breakdown Management
    Transport Management Solution

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    • Everything in Fleet Management +
    • Manage Deliveries Effectively
    • Calculate Income /
      Cost per KM
    • Client Area
    • Calculate Fuel vs Revenue Ratio
    • Driver Mobile App
    • Audit Trail
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Preloaded Rates
    • Optimise Loads & Planning

    Additional Options

    Need help to Capture general/Fuel expenses and provide reporting on a monthly basis?
    Customization/integration into your Business system.
    3rd Party API Integration.


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    At Atomic Fleet, we are continuously improving our service offering to the highest standards. We listen to our clients and focus on their individual needs. Our clients’ interest and company growth are one of our main priorities.